My answer to What are the lessons people most often learn too late in life?

Answer by Hemant Pandey:

  • Life is too short.
  • The girl/boy they left for so called better opportunities/comfort was the best.
  • Best moments are now.
  • Opportunities always come back.
  • School time never comes back.
  • You get parents and youth only once.
  • Money becomes useless after a while (When you have ample of it to fulfill your basic needs).
  • Relations out par every thing else combined.
  • Nothing gives more happiness than sharing.
  • Some smiles are worth millions.
  • Your kids are your priciest possession.
  • Sometimes your heart is utmost right.
  • Everyone gets old.
  • Nothing is more adventurous than life.
  • Real happiness is in living with your love. Those air conditioners and cars become boring after some time.
  • Nothing bores more than a comfortable life with incompatible partner.
  • Love is real adventure. Forget what media taught you.
  • People rise in love. Sometimes they climb in ‘betrayed love’ to unmatched heights.
  • Never judge your lover by his/her present. The boy you left for that NRI can become a millionaire and that dusky lass you left for that ‘sexy bitch' may turn out to be next Deepika padukone! Never underestimate the power of true love and moreover true hatred.
  • Your best is far from you even thought in your dreams. You are much much better than what your grades tell,your parents think,your teachers feel,your friends assume and your lover believes. In future you are going to ‘beat the shit’ out of them with your success. You will perform a level too high as compared to the present day expectations of others and even yourself!

What are the lessons people most often learn too late in life?


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