5 things which bore me (And anybody)

  1. Mind games : They bore me because I am an intelligent empath (a boastful intelligent empath!). I have learned a lot of psychology and you will be amazed by my reading skills. I can narrate word by word, whats going in you emotionally. Yes I need to meet you physically once for that.
  2. Fakeness :Fakeness bores me. I usually test people with some tests and their fakeness is out spread in front of me. After failing in my tests they never acquire the same status as before.
  3. Flakiness : I hate flakiness. You can always be on time, if you really like. I am very punctual and hence I use local trains for commute since they are very timely. I hate buses for the same reason.
  4. Showoff : Showoff of intelligence,wealth beauty or power bores me to hell. If sea has to tell it is sea, means it is not!
  5. Double standards : Yes I hate those people who write long posts on social media about helping people and on the ground behave just the opposite.