But intelligent people are generally aloof by themselves.

Being intelligent can be sometimes extremely boring and a lonely feeling.

  • You understand many things without explanation and thus you devoid the other people the joy of telling stories for their explanations!
  • You know almost all little trivia which people tell since you are an avid reader.
  • You guess the climax and hence spoil evening for more than one person.
  • The topics of your interest include ‘zero point energy ‘ , special relativity, cognitive psychology,Bertrand Russell’s paradox (Okay Google!),Shakespeare,poetry,alternate medicine,conspiracy theories,Tesla’s free energy and many of the likes. Normal things doesn’t allure them. They are more on Quora than Instagram! (Nothing personal).

Yes they are aloof because their problems are different and yes their solutions are weird.Some poof here How Genius fits into Mass Mind of Humanity.

Silence breeds creativity.