10 ultimate advice for Indian guys in relationship

  1. Girls marry according to their conveniences and blame parents for that.When your girlfriend says that her parents have started searching for a guy and she will have to marry according to their choice believe me she is already dating him and finalized him. She is just informing you. Run away fast. No begging,no crying. If she loves she will come. If not, she will feel happy that someone is crying for her!
  2. Girls are evolutionarily programmed to choose the best guy available to them. Your girlfriend is never final. She always has more offers in her chat than you can think. Hence never give everything to any girl. Invest only if she is ready to invest in the relationship.
  3. Girls are twice as patient as men. Keep this in mind and you will find peace. Girls ruminate over thoughts, conversation,emails you send to them etc. Their decision is never final. If she really loves you, be sure, she can’t be angry from you for long. Their mood changes every hour. All their complains are not serious. They are a lot more forgiving than you can ever imagine. They understand men more than we understand them. Hence never take any girl on face value. Do not believe what she says but think what she feels.
  4. Girls seriously love gentlemen who are emotionally independent.
  5. Girls hate neediness and clingy behavior the most. Needy is not who is emotional but the one who is emotionally weak. You can talk to a girl for hours ( I have done). You can chat with her for hours. That’s not needy. But once your talks are over, go and do your work. Don’t piss her off by constant ‘you are my mamma behavior’. Give her own space.
  6. Choose a life partner carefully. You will get bored by sexiest women in this world in two months!!
  7. Focus on money and career. Your girl loves you for what you are and can become. Your other qualities like nature, intelligence, talent or whatever is measured directly by the metric of your earning capacity. Yes they are important but low-income is always a deal breaker. However hard a girl may deny, she is programmed evolutionarily to select a comfortable life as well as high earning partner. No they are not gold diggers, they are just trading their looks for comfort. You also don’t like an ugly girlfriend, right?
  8. Girls have the key to sex in any relationship and men have key to commitment. You want sex , they want commitment. I guess you got the hint!
  9. More normal you treat a sexy girl, more special she will treat you. Got your answer how gorillas have divas on those streets!! Treat her normal, she loves it. She doesn’t like her to be treated well only because her boobs are bigger and ass is tight. Yes she uses that to her advantage but never likes.
  10. More girls you reject, better girls you get. Sounds counter-intuitive? Yes, you are also a selector. You must also choose a girl. The day you start rejecting girls below your level, you will get better in the game.


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