1. All your so called best friends from work get insanely busy and don’t have time to take your calls.
  2. Your interest in Facebook and social media sky-rocket. You suddenly realise that there is great wisdom to be envisioned there.
  3. You start to regret all your extravagance. You dearly need a time machine at that moment!
  4. Your girlfriend suddenly gets busy in her ‘new’ exam or hobby course!
  5. The canteen vendor of your favorite wine shop stops to recognize you and needs memory therapy!
  6. Your land lord suffers sudden loss in his (imaginary) business and need rent dot on time.
  7. You come to realize that all the fictional job offer purported by your so called colleagues get filled suddenly.
  8. The girl desperately wanted to marry you in arranged marriage scenario gets sudden divine guidance to complete her PG before marriage and wants you to wait!
  9. You realize superpowers​of your body and now know that human body can easily survive with two cigarettes and a Maggi complimented with occasional beer!
  10. You know petrol prices in decimals!
  11. You now know that all those job portal make fun of you every time you check them thrice daily!
  12. You realize that there are 24 hours in a day and yes that includes​ nights.
  13. Your life becomes this couplet from the famous movie ‘ Sharabi’. Jitni KAbhi chod dete the maikhane mein,aaj utni bhi mayassar nahi paimane men’s. ( The droplets I used to leave in bar, I don’t even have those in my glass.) Non natives can never translate the feelings on the couplet.
  14. You now know the social quotient of job. Your parents, siblings,friends,close friends,best friends,best friend, your dog…all have two feelings for you , pity and ‘mil jayegi bhai’ (you will get one).
  15. You suddenly realise that you are an entrepreneur soul and must open your own multibillion dollar company with your two months savings!

16. You become desperate for jobs even at half your earlier salary.

17. You now know that all those unemployment numbers are not bluff!

18. You know all the timings and routes through which you can secretly avoid all those who know you!

19. You know your monthly expenses by heart. You know most of cheap eateries and cheap public transport options!

20. You know that in corporate ladder, you rise via steps and fall through lift!

21. You know your real worth in front of peons and level four employees​, when you go to collect relieving letter and settlement check.

22. When your old boss reminds you that you are good and get any job…you remember first time your girlfriend dumped you!

If you are still reading this…welcome to unemployment zone.. please comment about your experiences!

What are the biggest lessons you have learned in the corporate world?


Hemant Pandey
Hemant lives in Mumbai (India),writes on Quora (2600 followers, 2.8 million views).Published 5 books on Amazon Kindle. Entrepreneur, Writer, Mathematician, Professor.