9 Golden rules for men in relationship

  1. Emotions of women are her temporary state of mind. Listen to her rant but don’t react or overreact.
  2. Men fail to understand that women focus on details and dig everything you say. Thus avoid jokes and loose talks with women. Just understand the difference between sexy talks and gawky talks.
  3. Attracting any girl is much easier than following her. Stop following and start attracting.
  4. Girls have acute sixth sense. They know what you really want. Stop explaining your logic and start perfecting your emotions.
  5. Always focus on emotions while dealing with girls. Again only focus on emotions and not get swayed by them. Never behave like a girl with a girl.
  6. Girls bad mood is often temporary. It is always more helpful to wait than to react with them.
  7. Way to woman’s heart is always through her ears.
  8. Women love drama. If you are not helping her with the drama, you will become drama!
  9. Never react to what she says. Respond to what she feels.

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