In the eyes of females

  1. Emotionally needy or clingy
  2. Approval seeking in all walks of life.
  3. Dirty clothes, low self esteem and always seeking sympathy.
  4. Fall for her charms too easily.
  5. Having no passion or bigger goal in life.
  6. Man who gossips always.
  7. Man agreeing to all demands of a woman and having no independent opinion of himself.
  8. Lazy idle man not willing to work hard for any thing. Taking no responsibility and depending on woman financially. there is a difference between man finding his passion and depending on woman for a short while and man totally and infinitely dependent on a woman.

In general sense

  1. Man with no common sense.
  2. Man with no core ethical values.
  3. Man with low intelligence and ignorant enough to recognise the need to improve.

A man is never defined by his present but by his potential capacity to earn in future as well. A man is always the best investment a woman can make in her whole life.

Alpha Male Definition



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