“Asked in 1919 whether it was true that only three people in the world
understood the theory of general relativity, [Eddington] allegedly
replied: ‘Who’s the third?”
Arthur Stanley Eddington

Same is the case with great mystic Osho.

The Sunday Times: ‘1000 Makers of the Twentieth Century’

“This man fascinates the Western élite in a way nobody else does.”

Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany

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He was too intelligent by today’s standards. His teachings were based on the philosophy of ‘ Don’t answer a question, but destroy the question.’

  • He said that the mind is the prime cause of all concern. If you can calm down the mind and the thoughts, you reach ‘Moksha’.
  • He was a firm follower of Buddha and Mahavira. While he spoke about almost every one, including Krishna and Christ, his teaching revolved around ‘Nirvana’ of Buddha and ‘Samadhi’ of Mahavira.
  • His teachings were true to a T. Nothing satisfies the mind ever. Even if you get every material thing possible, mind will be uneasy and crave for more. That’s why he said ‘No attachments’. Attachment brings despair. More attached you are , more expectations you have, and more pain you suffer. He said love your child, your girlfriend (spouse) but don’t be attached to them. By attachment he meant ‘expectations’.
  • Osho spoke about sex openly , which made him controversial. He just said that sex is also a channel to super consciousness or Samadhi. He just said that in two seconds of peak orgasm , you forget about time, space and your self. This is what a ‘Enlightened’ person fells for ever!. He called this as Samadhi. He also advocated that all the intoxication and sex is just a way to reach that enlightened state , just for two seconds!
  • We do sex more and more just to reach that state for two seconds. In his methods of tantric sex, he describes ways to reach the total time of orgasmic sex to three hours.He says once any one can do orgasmic sex for three hours, he will be free from sex!. These breathing techniques make him a sex guru ? If your mind is dirty what he can do ?

To understand Osho, be at least as half intelligent than him. Period.

What is enlightenment and what are different ways to attain it?



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