1. Flowers : Women absolutely love flowers. Further give them a single red rose rather than a bunch of them.
  2. Cuddling : Women are absolute fans of cuddling. They can cuddle all night if given a chance. Soft sex like mild kisses or kiss on foreheads is also more soothing and connecting to women. What women really want from any man is connection and NOT contact.
  3. Love-letters : Women are preservers by nature. They preserve love letters, emails, screen shots for ever in their secret folder. Women ruminate, rethink, revisit emotions (since they absolutely love emotional orgasm). Just by rereading a letter, women can recreate all love feelings. We need the physical presence for love but women need mental stimulation.
  4. Gestures : Women are fond of gestures, like fondling, touching fingertips, caressing their lips, touching on waist etc. Do it only when you are really close to them. Again remember the difference between caressing and groping.
  5. Surprises : Women love surprises. Text them when they never expect it. Do not text them when they expect it. Mix surprises and you create infallible chemistry.Remember love is physics for men and chemistry for women.
  6. Sex : Women love sex four times the men do! The nerves in vagina are four times more in number and sensitivity than nerves in penis. Only caveat is that you need to turn them on precisely. They can have multiple orgasms in multiple ways. Nipple orgasm, lips orgasm and countless more, in addition to G spot and vaginal orgasm.
  7. Care : Men are careless and women know this.But if you show care at right time when they exactly need it, they will become yours forever.Especially when they have their famous mood swings.
  8. Teasing : Not eve teasing but mild romantic teasing. Pull their leg, comment on their dress in funny way, tease them about cheating with another guy etc. Keep everything in moderation though.
  9. PDA : Public display of affection (love) especially expressing your love is very appealing to women. If you have the courage to propose any girl in public, I can assure 50% of yes comes with just your courage quotient.
  10. Take a stand : Women in general love men who have their own strong opinions (not necessarily in tune with their own thoughts). Whenever you take stand and about any thing, women just adore it. Again if you take stand for them,publicly, they become your friend forever.

Secrets to modern woman’s heart