You can attribute Sigmund Freud for the explanation.Oedipus complex[1].

I love both my kids (My son 9 years old and my daughter 2 years old). I just love kids. I am fond of small kids.

  • Whenever I am back to home from work, my daughter is the first one to greet me. I love her affection for me even at this tender age.She is just same as me. She is a keen observer. She knows how to pen all the boxes, locks,lockers, drawers and even her tablet!. I don’t know why she loves me so much but her love is unconditional. I have difficulty in swallowing always in the beginning of any meal. She will run to bring water for me!
  • If I cuddle my son in front of her, she will kill him with jealous looks.She just can’t take it!. I don’t know the science of love (Rather don’t want to know), but if you love some one unconditionally and if you are even 1% compatible, it comes back 100%  of times.Here is my daughter

What would you do as a female if a male member of your family stares at you inappropriately?


[1] Oedipus Complex


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