I have no secret chats. I had quite a few which I never saved. My chats are usually discussions of personal problems.Many a times I give advice and at times I take some. No sexting or juicy details out there. Even if I find some back up and share it with you they shall be of no use.The context would be missing and elaboration would be too boring.

My most secrets are live,one to one talk. I prefer direct communication rather than chats.I can read your body language and react accordingly. Communication is 93% done via body language. Chat is just for information.Communication is always one to one.

Some times we speak language of silence. A ‘hmm’ in chat does no justice to it.We are never sure whether other person is paying attention exclusively to us or engaged in chat with 10 other people.

About love affairs…. hmm… I always prefers hand crafted love letters. I have shared quite a few snaps of those letters in my earlier answers (beginning of 2016).

Love is created by hand. Typing is basically flirting!

Source: Can you share your secret chats anonymously?