Yes they do.Men are also human and they are emotional creatures.

But men have a disturbing hormonal problem.They can fall in love with a decent looking women (almost every women) in quick zippy.They don’t need details about her nature or education or any other back ground.Healthy skin, proportionate body, nice hair,bit wide butts and we are yours.

We are evolutionarily programmed to chose women who can be bear better healthy children for us.All these qualities are pretty much visual.

Thus we have two problems in hand.One, we fall in love too soon.Two, we find it extremely difficult to maintain that attraction if later on other qualities do no match!

This creates a paradox for many females out there. It starts well (as long as your physical beauty is main criteria) but soon subsides when other qualities like intelligence, emotional IQ,Ego quotient, compatibility etc. come into foray.That is where females start to complain that he doesn’t love me any more!

I always say that it takes around 90 – 180 days to fall in love. The initial attraction phase is too common for males! We can fall in love with 10 women per day, but that is quick hormonal love, based on looks (and yes getting sexual pleasures; just being a bit blunt here).

On the contrary these hormonal rush is weaker in women.They take time to fall in love (Average duration of world is 5 months).They also assess males based on looks and social status etc. but they dig other qualities also like compatibility before mentally committing.

Now we have a problem.By the time a girl falls in love with his guy, he might be falling out of love with her!

Given all parameters match, guys are best lovers. Getting attracted (aroused) by other girls momentarily (hormonal love) is inbuilt thing in us and we can’t help it.I call it 2 day love.For me it lasts only for two days.If I am not thinking about any one after two days means it was only hormonal (sexual) love.

But when guys love their girls then they love only one of them.One mind, one body, one heart and hence one love.Attraction and flings can be many as we are also pre programmed to promote our genes to many females.

  1. Don’t worry if your guy liked someone’s picture and commented ‘hot’.It is just ‘hormonal’ love.He can’t help it, unless he is a Saint.It is purely healthy.Now don’t counteract it with the argument that,we can also check a hot guy and say ‘your butt is sexy’.Girls are not primarily designed for casual sex (since they have to bear children for nine months, they need stable partners).Yes now we have contraceptives but inner subconscious programming built in last one million years cannot be dodged in a decade.
  2. You want to test the love of your guy.Ask him help at untoward time and circumstance.Only his reaction can decide and in fact no action is needed.What he says when you say that ‘I am trapped in a traffic jam and can you come down to help since I am feeling very low’ .His reaction is enough.Does he says ‘coming baby’ without any pretense or he remembers that he has a meeting with the boss and he may not come.The point is that if he really love you and you are his background music, you come first before everything else, then only he loves you.Love can never be dual.
  3. Guys are passionate lovers.Look at the so called ‘man’s world’.For whom these guys are working so hard there ? Off course of their love of the life.But why we see so many fuck boys,cheaters and so on ? The primary reasons are hormonal.If you are sexy and giving us signals, its very hard to control desires.
  4. Don’t confuse between love and attraction (hormonal love) and life of many lady lovers can be much easier.

PS : Love is universal and there is nothing as such of male love and female love. Love is love.Females also love till death and exceptions are every where.In the wake of media brainwashing and consumerism, short term flings suit more to capitalism.True love was and shall remain there forever.Only thing is that it will be difficult and rare to find in future due to glasses of materialism getting thick over our eyes.