I don’t know whether it is original or not but it actually happened.

I was browsing Facebook on my laptop. Suddenly this meme comes in

I showed it to her and asked her opinion!

She kept mum. After a while she said ‘Have you seen Drishyam (the movie) ?’

I said no. Why ?

She said ‘Just watch it’

I was bewildered!

Can you guess why she said so ?








Yes the famous dialogue ‘Confession is the greatest evidence!’.

Intelligent lassie…Isn’t it.

These girls find ways to through put the liability to confess on poor men.She can think of this movie and the dialogue and its implications but not utter a single three-letter sentence!

She just reminded me of my true love ‘S*****ta’. I told her once that ‘Girls have no guts’. And guess what she did ?

Next day she was standing in front of her gate in her school dress! (As if I never knew which school she went! ; That is a shame for girls to think that men are so less of a Sherlock Holmes!)

All unrequited two-sided love stories have most romantic lines but no real romance!

Long story short, girls have no guts because if you know it clearly, you must acknowledge it openly.

All unrequited two-sided love stories have most romantic lines but no real romance!

I am champion in them.

To me love is natural. I love you,you love me,we both know it,then why this ‘I love you’ confession. Can’t we just love without being formal. Is this ‘I love you’ mutual agreement only an affirmation for more physical aspects of love. Why pretend before that. I love you before ‘I love you’ statement and after that.Does a child ever say ‘I love you’ to their parents before the start of all affection ?

Mind wants mind games,validation,commitment. Heart simply loves. When language was not invented, didn’t people loved each other ?

Why circumstantial evidence is not accepted in love courts!

What is it that men do not understand about female attraction?



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