The secrets I know…but never divulged include

  1. Stories of seducers using and abusing dozens of girls at a given time.
  2. Girls getting used by abusing boyfriends and still continuing with them in the hope of change.
  3. Girls using those plain simple nice guys for their unfair advantage.
  4. I know a few ‘first time sex’ adventures (in detail) of quite a few girls whom I was a mutual friend.
  5. Many confessions from many people about their wrong doings.One guy had a nice real girl friend.He was in mutual love with her.They were planning a future together. Even then he ensnared two of her friends just for sexual pleasure.He ensured secrecy among them selves by not allowing them to disclose their relationship among them selves. All four were kind of best friends (with benefits too!).
  6. We all know same sex secrets of our friends. Surprisingly enough I know more female secrets than that of men. Might be because I am a good listener.

PS : I never broke the trust of anyone in my life.Your secrets are treasure to me and shall always remain.

Source: What is the biggest secret you have been told?


Hemant Pandey
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