I can’t divulge any other details neither tell you the year or the person on whom I tried this method. Any how this is not recent for sure.

I liked a girl and probably she also liked me (I don’t know). Just to know what is in her heart cleverly with a back up option, I sent her a QR code! (the QR code reads ‘I love you’)

With out any other text!

I guess she responded affirmatively (indirectly though) but some ego (I guess both of us were having ego issues or insecurity or awkwardness or what ever). Hmm… I told her that some other girl sent it to me and crafted a story!

Yes, love is greatest friendship killer!

PS : I have had relationships but in almost all girls have said those magical three words. I kinda suck in this initiation thing! I don’t know why.

PPS : We still admire each other (but not in touch though)!

PPPS : I have more successful unrequited two way love stories than any one else on this planet. I guess the prime reason is the incomplete love story of mine (A Bong girl). I don’t know but some how her memories stopped me from getting close to any one else! I guess I am still not over with her.

Source: What’s a clever way to ask a girl out?