Osho was unique.He said almost everything on almost every mystic and religious figure and also on quite a few political figures.He never took any of his words back.He praised the good qualities but never chew his words for criticism.He was open and bold.On any topic , be it sex, marriage or even enlightenment,his views were contradictory and that made many people disbelieve in what he says.

He talked about celibacy as well as tantric sex.He discussed devotion as well as ‘no god theory’. He was controversial. But why did he do so ?

His main purpose was to give you enlightenment from what ever way you choose!.

For devotees he explained ‘Meera’s’ way of life. For non believers he preached Buddha and Mahavira.

Ultimately a question arises. What he really wanted ? His real purpose was to make you free from mind and its unending questions. He would destroy all your questions and then let your mind go silent!

The ultimate state of mind or Nirvana which he discusses many times is state of timelessness and spacelessness for mind.He purported that mind and its unnecessary thoughts are cause of all discontentment in this world.His point is to stop uncontrolled wandering of your mind and not regular thinking or planning. Have you ever thought that your mind is not in you real control and you can never stop it to think aimlessly!

Osho never asks his disciples to leave work or profession or enjoy physical world.He only wants your mind to calm down to zero state. You must be able to switch off you mind if you want.

A word of caution : Osho is said to be dangerous and addictive.If you don’t really like to follow spirituality,please stay away from it. Once you get the taste of even a little bit of Osho,you can’t let go or come back. Spirituality is a one way street. Osho says,once you attain enlightenment , you can never come back to normal way of thinking. I feel he correct.Can you eve forget taste of a fruit once you tasted it?

No.Once you become a Buddha, you can never be the same person again.

Is Love the greatest refreshment in life?



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