10 life lessons you learn after coming to Mumbai

  1. Prettier girls : There are way prettier girls in Mumbai than those heroines!. They are sometimes too good. Okay leave girls, their moms can give many pretty girls of elsewhere a run for their money (Ask those daughters or jealous daughters!). I sometimes (many a times) get confused between who is the mom or younger sister. People in Mumbai are extremely health conscious.
  2. Life is real fast : I have been here for last four years and it seems like just one month!. Life is too fast and happening. You don’t get time to think.
  3. Time is more valuable than money : Here time is money.People can give you money but not their time. People are also extremely time conscious.
  4. Every thing every time at a phone call : Everything is available at your door step 24/7 on just a phone call away.We can get Ola every two minutes every where any time. Ola doesn’t have ride later option in Mumbai as there are too many ride now available. Want food at 1 AM, no problem.There are hotels running all night. The city truly never sleeps. You can find many people roaming at Marine Drive as late as 3 AM! Convenience to live life is too good.
  5. Broad minded people : People here are quite broad-minded. If you are going anywhere holding hands of your girlfriend or even cuddling, no one gives you a look!. Forget commenting and moral policing, they don’t bother to look at you!. Your privacy is totally honoured.
  6. Woman Safety : Several studies have clearly demonstrated about high level women security in Mumbai (Videos available on YouTube)

    It turns out to be safest in whole world with zero catcalling and almost zero leering!

  7. No one can ditch local : People having Honda city also travel with local as it saves a hell lot of time with zero delays.Cars are meant only for week-ends or outings or show-off!
  8. Stars are too frequent to spot : People living in South Mumbai and near Bandra – Goregaon, spot too many stars even in the day time!. People take them in stride with no real hullabaloo.I haven’t seen any life size big cutouts of any big stars, any where.
  9. Every one seems to be rich here : Never under-estimate any one here based on clothes. People invest in gold. Under that 250/- shirt you may find 2.5 Lacs gold chain!. I have seen people carrying cash worth 2–3 Lacs with reason that ‘a need may arise!’
  10. Real estate is insanely costly : No need to elaborate that I guess.Real estate made more millionaires here than any one else. let me tell you my real ‘seen with naked eye’ story. The flat next to my flat had cost price of  8 lacs (2BHK), 10 years back. Now it costs whopping 80 Lacs! (1000% return!) as rightly pointed out by Mithun Harikumar).
  11. People are really nice : Leaving behind the media propaganda of local wrath towards outsiders , I am yet to see a bruise by any local here.
  12. Lane Discipline : People queue up for Auto rickshaw as well as buses voluntarily.This makes life equal for all.Kids, elderly people and Woman.It is no longer a muscle plus skill battle to grab a seat on a public transport.
  13. Honest Rickshaw drivers : I have not seen more honest rick drivers anywhere else in India other than Mumbai. Meter is 18/- , they will give you your two bucks back without fail or delay.
  14. Mumbai Police : Yes Mumbai police is world-famous in akhkha (whole) Mumbai (As locals say it). Mumbai police is prompt in action and take special care towards complains registered for crime against woman. Last month there was a case of Bandra guy harassing two girls in public.(He was masturbating in front of them on a moving bike!. Girls took his snap and reported to local police. In snap three hours he was behind bars! ).One Tweet To Mumbai Police Got This Masturbating Pervert Arrested Within 3 Hours!
  15. Calm people : People here talk very less and do not disturb you unnecessarily with untoward social poking. They help you in need but never disturb you. Your personal space and life is well respected. No leaching, cat calling or whatever to either of sexes.They are sensitive but secluded, which I like very much.

All in All… Mumbai rocks.