7 job lessons you learn after getting fired

  1. Job security is a myth.Companies fire you for bizarre reasons ranging from
    • Incompetency
    • Got cheaper newer programmer
    • Bosses wife doesn’t like your cologne
    • Bosses dog hates you
    • Bosses kids hate your mobile
    • Bosses secretary (female) doesn’t like your shoes
    • Lack of funds (real reason in most of the cases)
  2. Always keep your options open.Always have an updated profile on LinkedIn.
  3. Be careful when your boss uses these words or display these behaviour.
    • You are our greatest asset
    • Our industry is ever-expanding
    • Sometimes I feel you are wasted here
    • Are you able to give time to your family
    • How long you have not gone out for a vacation
    • What do you think about entrepreneurship
    • I am thinking for a change in job
  4. Office politics is 80% of your success and yes job security.
  5. Only friend in corporate world is your sales target.
  6. Every body gets fired at some point in their career.
  7. Only thing that matters for a company is money flow you bring in.Other things like your skills,competence,knowledge etc. are mere words for them.