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I can only add : Seeker gets the truth.

  1. You can seek such people or attract them.Thus to attract , you may have to demonstrate traits, which you are looking for.
  2. These so called mature guys are often “Detached ” and “Aloof”.They will seldom follow you or message you or pamper you.This is the difficult part.Also if they do what every one else does, they will also become same!
  3. You have to take subtle hints from their behavior and thus approach.
  4. Last point : If you will wait for them to approach,I think you will wait till infinity or may get a Intellectual play boy(They are also fun, but very difficult to contain).

Source: I’m an attractive, smart and mature girl and yet I find it hard to meet an equally attractive, smart, and mature guy. Those who flirt with me are either immature or clingy ones. Am I doing anything wrong?


Hemant Pandey
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