As Lord Buddha, Mahavira and the likes have put it,happiness or perfect bliss or what ever every enlightened soul calls ‘Ananda’ is your true nature.

You don’t have to achieve happiness but only remove the unnecessary.

Have you ever seen a little kid playing in his own world unaware of every thing else ?

He doesn’t require costly toys or much comfort.he is happy with himself and might be little tools he have. You don’t need reasons to be ecstatic. Ecstasy is your basic nature.We all are bestowed with eternal bliss.We don’t have to find anything but drop everything else.

Mystics don’t say that you

  1. Don’t earn money
  2. Don’t get a car
  3. Don’t build expensive houses and businesses
  4. Don’t fall in love
  5. Don’t go for a world tour
  6. Renounce the world and become a fake saint

What is essence of enlightenment then ?

Enlightenment means being witness to the fact that to be happy you need no reasons like a world tour or a big car or a date with gorgeous Deepika Padukone.They can compliment your happiness but can never be inherent cause of it.The cause of your happiness are also cause of your sadness!

If your girl friend makes you happy, a break up shall give you 10X more pain!

If she adds to already happy soul of yours,she can only take away the bonus and not the principal!

This is what lord Buddha meant when he aid ‘Root cause of all pain/desire is attachment’.

How to achieve enlightenment then ?

  • Find some quite time every day for you in the beginning.
  • Start by doing nothing not even thinking.
  • Slowly this habit of yours shall extend through out the day. Do your work when ever required and when not needed switch off the brain!
  • A mind with no thoughts is eternal bliss.Our minds are programmed to think always even though it might not be necessary at all.We don’t know that our basic state of mind is silence and not constant chit chat with our selves.
  • With practice you will find center of your mind in perfect silence and all other thinking faculties just working on the peripheral.

I know what you want to ask now ?

The same question was asked to Lord Buddha 2600 years ago.

How doe it feel to be enlightened ?

He answered ‘Become one and know it’.



Hemant Pandey
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