I had one…Sa*****a (A bong)…

  1. I tried to find her every where since we parted.She was not on FB neither on any other social networking site. In those day we only had land line and hence I always ended talking go her mother (I even told her mother that I loved her!).
  2. I wrote several answers about her on Quora,some times filling irrelevant details not pertaining to original question!. My hope was that one day she might read this.
  3. I wrote three diaries full about her.I wrote every detail of me and her.When I first saw her to when we parted.Later on I burned all those in an effort to forget her.But ahh…love damn love!
  4. I said no to a very good girl all because of her. She loved me,was very good looking,highly empathetic and simple. I don’t regret it now but still it is painful to say no to people.She was my friend even after that for a long time.
  5. Unrequited (two way) love is dangerous. It never goes and still if I see any girl similar to her,I become nostalgic. Mind is amazing. My all friend advised me to accept the second girl and what I did…stuck to her only!. Love is indeed illogical.Do not allow anyone to enter your heart (I was very careful not to fall in love so easily afterwards).The problem with love is that it goes on growing and becomes very difficult to manage if a clear outcome is not in place. Uncertainty is most difficult thing to handle in love.If she would have said yes or no,it was all over.
  6. I feel sad some times that genX may never feel that intense love, only due to availability of multiple easy options.If love doesn’t grows with time,it was lust.Lust and attraction diminish while love grows with time.This is a sure test of love.
  7. True love is when you start to find her face in every face and her voice matches with every body’s voice.You stop to think about any thing else but only one back ground music. You become less social and your whole life becomes pivoted to one single person. This is deep intense meditation.One person,one thought all the time, obviously in the back ground.This thought assures you and not distracts you.Enlightenment is dropping of self,the ego.When ever you surrender your self completely to any one else,you drop your self and become one with their identity.Thus love is meditation as well as enlightenment.
  8. Love means completely trusting the other person,with no boundaries,inhibitions or veils. It is complete surrender with out knowing of the out come.They may not love you back (who knows). This is the most difficult part.Letting your self go,melting your ever shrewd ego and transforming it to love. Love is gaining some one but you can allow some one else into your heart and mind only when you are not there!. This is why love is so difficult. To surrender the ego. As long as ego is there in between you and your love,believe me it is not love but a relationship.That is why it takes at least six months to completely fall in love with any one.

Love is most wonderful path to enlightenment.Two becomes one and later one also vanishes and only love remains.

I love you minus ‘I’ and ‘U’ = Love.

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Hemant Pandey
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