Apart from working hard, doing physical exercise and eating healthy, one change which I must recommend to every one is practicing ‘Vipasana meditation’.

Few noteworthy points

Vipassana is NOT

  • Meditation in usual sense.Its not chanting of god names or concentrating on a single object or thought.
  • It is not observer meditation (misconception about Vipassana meditation).It is NOT seeing your thoughts come and go.
  • It is neither mindfulness or being present in the moment.

Then what is Vipassana or the meditation which I follow ?

I follow ‘sahaj yoga’ or simplest but most powerful of meditation.In vipasana, you do nothing, absolutely nothing!

  • Just sit anywhere or stand or do whatever, stop doing any thing from your conscious mind.
  • If you like to sit, sit or you may stand.Just be stand still.
  • DO nothing, no meditation, no concentration, no pressure on mind whatsoever.
  • Just relax.

Yes you got a glimpse of subconsciousness or nirvana or samadhi or enlightenment or what ever name you call it.The constant state of no mind is real enlightenment.


At the very core you are pure silence.You do your job, carry on your normal life but with out attachments.You are attached to your core silence only.

At the surface you carry your personality but at the base core, nothing is present.You act as if you are your name.

No bliss can surpass that internal perfect state of mind.Its like orgasm of 24 hours.

You will not believe this unless you have at least have a glimpse of such a state of mind.

You do get a glimpse of enlightenment in climax of sexual orgasm.

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Source: What is the one change you brought in yourself that has changed your life?


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