Best conversation hacks

  1. Genuine praise
    • Try praising them on non-physical properties like nature,energy etc.
    • Avoid too much praise about beauty,hair texture , clothing etc.
    • Avoid too much unnecessary praise altogether
    • Indirect praise (Point the praise towards them by example. Tell them that you are very similar to one of my ‘kind hearted’ friend)
  2. Listening patiently
    • Active listening is the best aphrodisiac for conversations. Do not think what to speak next when they are speaking.
    • Try to add to the conversation and not abruptly start new topic.
  3. Mysterious personality
    • A little enigma is always an added advantage.
    • Always keep some things to be divulged in next meeting.
  4. A bit naughty touch in tone and words. Don’t be afraid to get a bit sexual.People love it. But be subtle.
    • You can be a bit controversial. You can challenge their core beliefs but in non intrusive and non confrontational way.
    • A bit of controversy adds fire to connection. More of it usually burns the relationship.
  5. Friendly touch.We touch only those whom we like. It is not always sexual.A touch on arm indicate active interest.
    • Touch conveys feelings.
    • Touch is a more personal gesture.
    • Keep local etiquettes in mind however while initiating physical contact.
  6. Eye contact for at least 60% of time and not more than 3 seconds in one go.
    • Eye contact has been known to spark feelings since ages.
    • For normal settings limit eye contact for less than 3 seconds.
    • For romantic conversation an eye contact of more than 4 seconds is scientifically proven to spark greater romantic interest.

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