Romantic love vs sexual desire.

Yes there is no love without lust.But percentage of lust is just 5–6% ONLY .In the initial phases of love we are attracted by physical characteristics only.But that is in true for attraction phase only.If men/women are allowed to chose romantic partner on subway or shopping malls (based on looks), they can easily end up with every third girl/boy they see!

Looks are primitive way of identifying quality for short time fling or one night stand. In longer run we invest in relationships.Like every investment we are cautious at every stage of love.Before surrendering fully we have a checklist of loyalty,compatibility,nature,core values,honesty and 100 other factors ranging from emotional intelligence to rational intelligence.

Love is illogical only when it happens.Before falling in love our primitive brains are busy calculating all pros and cons.Yes love has a component of sex and its pretty natural.We are opposite sex and are designed to get attracted.But lust is rush of hormones and love is chemicals in action.

Effect of lust lasts for 10 minutes but effect of love is euphoria which can last for days,months or even years. You can say that romance (lust) is a bait of nature to keep two people in proximity.But to keep them glued enough even after they got the taste of sexual part, is the real love in action.

Sexual attraction might bring you closer but only true love can keep you there.

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Hemant Pandey
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