I don’t know whether or not I qualify for this answer but

  1. I am an empath.I feel for people.I feel for their emotional pain.This is my greatest drawback!. Let me explain. I have this uncanny ability to judge people’s emotional state just by looking at them briefly.Some times I can have a guess of their emotional well being just by their behaviors for past. My mind creates a fairly accurate heat map of any one’s emotional state and emotional patterns.I act in accordance to my understanding of their emotional state to sooth them and not according to our real life mind game equation.In the process they think that I am needy or insecure or trying too hard to please!. They cannot digest the fact that some one can be nice,they can say ‘I like you’ with out any expectations or mind fucking games. It comes too straight for them!
  2. I have a confession : In my college days when I was young enough and was new to this seduction and mind games world,I did had quite a few girl friends using the aforementioned Methods. It was good in the beginning (though I never abused any one physically or for physical pleasure as I was a charmer.I was more interested in getting a yes from as many girls as possible).I was kind of a play boy but with out sexual pleasures,only mental ones.There was a nice girl who was more attached than required and had some serious issues later on.This changed me completely.Also I was not satisfied with the quality of fake love ushered on me only due to my mind games. It was very boring.Being an extremist I reversed my approach and stopped to play any of the mind games and hence people think I am too easy or fake!
  3. I really want to help people achieve their full potential.Only thing which I deem from them is their undivided attention.I know quite a few hypnotic trance techniques which can transform any one very quick. It requires mind and body to come to absolute restful state and then needs autosuggestion need to be fed into mind.I require only three things from any one
    1. Complete submission
    2. Total compliance
    3. Absolute faith or trust

Hypnosis works on faith only.Certain energy points are in your body which are needed to be activated to get into complete trance.After that your subconscious mind can be changed to your benefit.This is till now is the fastest method to change anyone’s thought or personality.

4. I am honest and usually I do not cheat in any of the financial transaction.I only do tit for tat if required.In relationships also,I lay down my condition of freedom in the first day itself.

5. I am infinitely confusing and detached to the physical world.One moment I am totally with you and other moment I am in my enlightenment.It is confusing for people who know me as I may seem arrogant or indifferent.But if you don’t knock the door often,I may never return!. I am bored pretty quickly by fake world and hence I return to my original state of enlightenment.

I keep no emotional baggage.Had a fight with me.Just say ‘hi’ with clear conscience and I am back.I understand the nature of mind and hence I don’t keep imaginary baggage. but the onus to knock the door is onto you as I quickly shift to Buddha mode

What are the moments that you think that you have missed in your life?


Hemant Pandey
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