1. Girls are more patient.They commit more than BOYS and fall less often in love.
  2. Girls have a tendency to attract a boy and as soon as he is attracted to a certain degree, they start to back off.They create an environment so that you have to propose!They will make you believe that they love you (They do love) but then want you to propose.
  3. I have been approached by girls many times.Don’t know why? May be I am a bit “Detached”.I lose interest in any girl, if she play a lot of tantrums and too many games.To me love is genuine and games it is difficult to win from me!
  4. If you want to avoid this game, watch and expect them to back off as soon as your interest is clear to them.I will surely back of if any girl will continue playing because if I want any girl that way,I know the methods and means to get her and that, then is just a game for me!
  5. To make them propose, follow their rules and be patient.

I love a girl and proposed her two times. This happened in just three days.She says that she cant get into any relationship now. What can I do? – Quora


Hemant Pandey
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