Let us construct a timeline.

  • Mood off : Usually two to 10 days.
    • Not doing any thing great.
    • Reduced social media activity.
    • Shave less face, gloomy eyes,lack of interest in womanhood and hatred for all look alike girls.
    • Every body is a cheater and they all are after money/looks/fame/misc mental bashing.
  • Self realisation : 10 to 20 days.
    • Girls are not every thing.
    • Bus train our ladki dialogue rehearshal in mind.
    • Start to eye for some other ‘not like her’ girls (Again mistaking, they all are same!).
    • Mind diversion in writing, work out, new dress, new hair cut, ‘get a life dude’ mentality.
  • Patch up attempts from both sides :21 to 30 days
    • Ego touches roof top if she texts or calls and rock bottom if you call and she doesn’t reply.For no reply these thoughts
    • She must have found some one else.
    • She was like that only.
    • She always use to flirt with that bloody ‘Aakash’. He was always her favourite. She was just using me for validation. Such a whore. etc. etc.
    • Destruction begins of all her belongings, pics, blocking over whatsapp, FB,Insta,cell phone and every where possible.Fuck her, I will get better than her thoughts start coming. What does she think of herself. That ‘Aakash’ will also fuck her and leave her at that ‘Nariman point’.Many other names also start coming to mind.She looks like the ‘best whore’ in the town with cheapest price tag!
    • If she replies: Then usual nice thoughts start coming back. She was nice yaar, just a small misunderstanding,she loves me, I will not get a girl like her again. Lets patch up!. Remembers all her nice deeds. her smile,her sexy voice and that cute little ‘love note’ which you still carry in your wallet, becomes priceless!
  • Patch up attempt failed : 1 month to 3 month : Slowly you faith in humanity is restored by some either ‘nice smile’  or you become a player to take revenge from all ‘women’ or you lose interest in love at all and focus on your core job or study. Some become writers, others become health freaks, some become very successful in life, so that she always has hard feelings (Very common for ‘nice guys’).’Care free one’ don’t care after this three month window. Robert frost learnt this way back

In short, this is just a 90 day routine . This too shall pass.