My favorite

  • Who remembers your birth day…You never go old!
  • Birth day! Are you sure you were not fallen from heaven…Oops I have been misinformed…!
  • I didn’t forgot your birth day but jaan, I just couldn’t use my brain in front of you…I go blank…!
  • You never look older to me…You are sixteen since you were sixteen…!
  • Do I have to remember your birth day in reverse chronological order also…You are aging down…!
  • I remember only my birth day…the day I met you…!
  • Okay so you were born of Feb 28,but my reminder said Fab 28…oops error of signs!
  • For Jan , use Jaan 28 or for March used Marv(elous) 28, etc.
  • I forget to breathe when I see you and you are asking about damn birth day…!