Manipulation is relative.

  • We all manipulate in little small ways to distort realities. Suppose you have a head ache, even then you are smiling, it a bit of manipulation.
  • When we manipulate (Read tweak) our selves for better, then its fine.
  • To stop attracting manipulative men, you need to recognize the signs and give simple tests to them. Usually the best test for a pick up artist or a seducer is ‘ how long he is wiling to waste (In his terms) with you’. If some one sticks with you for say longer than a month , then he might be genuine. If some one leaves you before seven hours (In total time spent with you, may be spread across days). They have got this seven hour rule for every girl to their bed.
  • Time and effort are best tests. Hold your self a little in the beginning, don’t give him physical pleasures and then see his reactions. These seducers are usually very disturbed by their tricks not working. Either he will start loving you genuinely (If he was really interested) or else will run away.

Bottom line : You can’t stop but filter.



Hemant Pandey
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