Let me give you an analogy. Suppose you switch from iPhone to Micromax and your expectations are ruined. What will you do ? Either nag about android or praise you iPhone!

I think you get the analogy. You haven’t occupied her mind an heart completely. He is still there!. She is only evaluating you for the time being, sort of till he patches up or she gets a new iPhone!

If my girl or potential girl even mentions are of any ‘good friend’ of her,its almost like, go with him!. I will certainly dump her and even facilitate their meetings!

I value my self.If you don’t resist/can’t resist this bull shit in the beginning she is going to ruminate about him more! .If you love your ex so much and still like his semi nude selfies on Instagram dreaming him having sex with you, what the hell I am even staying here for a while!

Girls respect you only that much, you respect your self. Be a man , show your balls if you have one and just cut the crap. She will never ever think about him. This is the only way to stop her thinking about him and start thinking about you.

To begin a new chapter, you have to scrap the older one. Overwrite her mind and not go on nostalgic moments with her ex. Some times we need a shock to remove persistent dust.

PS : Don’t go with the flow of your girls thoughts. Always moderate them. Girls are emotional and cannot tap their ‘Old love’ by them selves always. They think its is fine to like other guys nude selfies but its not fine with men!

What are the things that you cannot stand with your girlfriend or boyfriend?



Hemant Pandey
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