I know I am intelligent because I know I know nothing.


The more I know, the more I know, how less I know.

UG Krishnamurhty

Yes, I am an avid learner (reader) and student of life. I learn from kids, my students, my colleagues and everyone out there.Wisdom has no limits. I learn whole day may be on internet.

Why ?

I do not learn to gain knowledge to impress people, I do not learn to help it make me a better living, I do not learn to us eat some day. I learn because I like it.It gives me sense of fulfilment.

I interact with a lots of people (both on WhatsApp and on Quora messages), not very frequently though.The prime reason is that real people are original source of wisdom.I love to know people.I love to know their perspective of life, their views.People are greatest source of raw knowledge.Think about it in is this way.

Every body has some gem of knowledge, some life experience, some skill that they might have learnt with years of experience.How about getting to know their hack in 2 minutes! It benefits both ways.I learn and they can introspect.

I always welcome messages from people (I do get quite a few every day though).

People are the greatest resource of knowledge and experience.

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Hemant Pandey
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