We are not free because we are tied to things and objects and not to the goals of life.

Goal of life must be attaining absolute bliss and not material objects or people.It’s okay if objects amplify your bliss or people compliment it, but if people and things are sole source of your happiness, then I am sorry friend that you might be disappointed in longer run.

Why ?

Because every body want to derive their happiness from us!

We give love to people in expectation that they might return it. Our relationships are just an emotional investment. Every investment is expectation of higher return.We may love some body today but that is not unconditional.He or she must fulfill certain obligations later to be worthy of our investment!

Attachments bind them.Whenever you are attached to any thing, you are also bound by its boundaries. When ever you go for a stroll with your puppy, you are also bounded by his movements!

Lack of attachment doesn’t mean lack of love.In reality lack of attachment is real love. When ever you love without possessing, without owing, without expectation, only then it qualifies for true love.

I love you or you love me is no obligation on either of us. We both are free to choose our destinies.No expectations. If it still evolves, then it is true love else it was just attachment.

Don’t you feel so ?

Love is selfless, attachment is selfish.

This is the prime reason of short-term relationships now a days. Our insecurities have grown multi-fold due to excessive media exposure. We feel the temptations might allow the other person to give up!

  1. If love was that weak, who wants it at first place.
  2. If the person gives up implies you were not best for him or her, let them go. What you can gain from an emotionally blackmailed forced relationship? Usually if love was there, people return to it (may be after a small flick). It further cements your relationship.
  3. More you stop them, more they try to cut loose from you (Human nature).

Your bliss is in your mind and is NOT dependent on your physical, financial or social state of mind.Every thing else (happiness) is just a borrowed bliss.

You shall be free that day when you can be happy without any reason and without any outside trigger, independent of any one or any thing.

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Hemant Pandey
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