Life is a complicated fabric. Why?

The greatest misery of life is our false ‘ego’ or self. Let me explain in the context of love and relationships.

Suppose a good looking guy meets a decent girl at Airport. They sort of start liking each other (Happens many times). Guy thinks let me approach her to get her name , number etc. But wait. Now ego (conscious mind) enters the simple conversation and make sit complicated.

Male mind

  1. Why should you approach ?
  2. She may not like you?
  3. She might have a boy friend ?
  4. You must think about a proper pick up line or canned opener ?
  5. You must not approach her with a flower, she may under value you.
  6. She is beyond/below your league.
  7. She is not your type.
  8. She will shun you away.

Female counter part

  1. He looks dude. Must be a flirt.
  2. Let him make the first move. I am not a slut.
  3. He might have several girl friends.
  4. He looks conscious, might be I am not good enough.
  5. Oh he is coming, let me increase my value by depicting as ‘uninterested’ !
  6. He is looking at other hot chick also. All males are same.
  7. I already have several ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ following me. Why should I give him a shit.He must follow me (Famous feminine ego).
  8. Well in every other scenario girls are equal to men. But in dating, man has to make a move!

Result : 90% of time no one can even start the conversation.

Take away :

  • Try to be natural.
  • Trust your gut feel.
  • Leave your false ego, manipulation,mind games behind.Just be cool.Follow your natural instinct and life shall be 100% easier.
  • Remember heart meets heart and ego (mind) meets ego.Life is damn simple.Only we make it complicated. A love story which can start and blossom in minutes takes weeks even to start. Huh!
  • Same logic applies to many other aspects of life. Except for the pure professional tasks, if you try to become natural,I guess many of your troubles with heart shall melt away.

End Note : Know the rules of manipulation but don’t apply them as long as other person is natural. Use them to tweak the abnormalities of other person. As quick a he/she is on track, drop all tricks.Natural love (relationship) is heaven. Mind game is just a fucking mind game in the end. It never soothes your nerves.Know rules to protect your self and not to harm others.Ego and desires have no end. Even if you control 100 people, mind wants more!

You know, mind is never satisfied.

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