The problem with past is that ‘it’s nowhere’ but only in our imagination.

Further multiple researches has proven that past which we relive is not the exact replica of events , as they occurred.….

Our brain remembers each time what we remembered last time!. We can’t rely on our memories too much.

Only happiness is in the present.Past is history and future is mystery.

One of the key elements of living in present is training of mind via meditation.Meditation is not concentration or focus but leaving every thought behind and just relaxing in thoughtless world. You can do this meditation anywhere anytime.

Meditation technique (Sahaj Yoga)

  • Just close your eyes. (If in public place just focus on your breadth.)
  • Do nothing. Just do nothing. Not even try to focus anywhere.
  • Watch your thoughts. They shall rush,try to disturb you. Just don’t react to them. Don’t even try to unreactive to them.
  • Slowly you will find them settling and you attaining enlightenment.

It does takes time and patience but believe me just working for 9 months in a row can help you reach super conscious state.In the beginning it would be very difficult but if you are persistent, it becomes easy from 2nd month onwards.

Enlightenment is the awareness of the fact that our internal natural state of mind is perfect bliss. We only have to tune ourselves to our original state of mind. We have nothing new to learn in meditation but only to unlearn what is unnecessary.

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