Smart students have these common points

  • They are persistent.
  • They are infinitely positive with limited self doubt. Why ? Because they believe that they are no special people and they have to learn things. Its okay to not to know many things.
  • They never give up.
  • They are smart because due to constant improvement and hard work their mind leads them to believe that they are smarter.They keep a journal for the records of their success, which feeds and nourishes their confidence.
  • They often make notes and revise. Other students lack this critical ability to revise.
  • They know that success is not over night. Many normal students who turn out to be toppers have this learning curve.
  • They just work 20% harder than any body else and this EXTRA makes them extra ordinary.

via Do smart students read more? Or whatever they read understand it clearly what they do? How they are smart?


Hemant Pandey
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