• We are born from a single cell and shall becomes atoms one last day.
  • No one cares for you in this world. People criticize you for things they can’t possibly do. All those things like society and people holding you back are never there when you are sad. Do whatever you like.
  • In death bed confessions number one regret in life was ‘I shouldn’t have worked that hard’. Number 2 was about things they could have done (missed chances) but never did.(I had one).
  • We are clinged to things which are temporary, even our lives. All material things we own or possess are going to remain here forever or even perish.Only sustainable memory is experiences in life which we have. Experiences and not things give us real happiness. A Goa tour is much better than an iPhone for happiness quotient.
  • Don’t fool yourself that tomorrow you shall be happy. Tomorrow really never comes. Right here , right now. Now or never.

Don’t borrow worries of future and lend happiness of present.

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Hemant Pandey
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