Smartness is exhibited but wisdom is felt.

Smartness wants to shout to every one ‘Look I am here’. Wisdom just don’t have too.

Smartness is like a costly perfume but wisdom is your natural body odour.

Samrtness has to be applied but wisdom is self explanatory.

Smartness is gained, earned but wisdom is sprouted out of your experiences.

Smartness is artificial and wisdom is natural.

Every wise person is smart but not vice versa.

All in all with smart people you feel that they are the best, with wise people you feel that ‘You are the best’.

via What is the difference between acting smart and wisdom?


Hemant Pandey
Hemant lives in Mumbai (India),writes on Quora (2600 followers, 2.8 million views).Published 5 books on Amazon Kindle. Entrepreneur, Writer, Mathematician, Professor.