1. You shall die one day.
  2. In the old age people regret only one thing ‘Not taken risks’.
  3. Only thing which gives real ecstasy is ‘love’. All other things might give you comfort. Every one realizes this, sooner or later.
  4. You only live once. Take your chances. Go, fly,love,kiss,run up the hill. Live life and not pass it in airtight cabins for filling numbers on computer screen.
  5. Traveling is most important luxury in life.
  6. Do not care for society, friends and every other advisor.Le life on your own terms. Even if you lose, you are satisfied that you tried.
  7. We all will die one day. Ask those who are dead today, does any one care for what they did and what they missed.

via What’s the most common life lessons that mankind never seems to learn, ever?


Hemant Pandey
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