Men usually want hook ups if you don’t entangle them in some sort of emotional jargon.

  • This inbuilt in men via evolutionary mechanism.Men usually like two things in any woman.
    • Whether she can be a good (read sexy) girl to flaunt to their peers and make them buy burnol.
    • Whether she can bear very healthy children. We have this evolutionary need to pass on our genes. We are born to breed and not to do sex. Our constant desire roots from our inner desire to breed and pass our genes to healthy females. If a man really loves you (Not just for sexual pleasure), he will surely want to have kids from you. If you tell him in any wrong moment that your are pregnant and if he is elated, then he is your man.
  • Men look for love, care, compassion and nurturing partners. We are care less by nature and also restless physiologically. If you can be an anchor to them then they are into you. Instead of focusing on your sexy thighs, focus more on making him believe that you care for him. He shall be yours forever. This is the soul reason men love their mothers the most. They give them nurturing and care.

To love a woman give her love, for a man caring is enough.

via Why is it hard for a pretty and sapiosexual like me to find an intellectual good looking partner for relationship while all they want is to hook up?


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