1. Life goes on. No matter how much important someone is for you, you learn to live without them pretty easily.
  2. Success comes to those who are really not looking for it. You can’t fake anything to your self.
  3. ‘This too shall pass’ is the ultimate mantra of successful life.
  4. You shall die one day. You will get old. Future comes soon enough.
  5. Some people will love you unconditionally and some will cheat. You get all, it’s your choice what you choose.
  6. Greatest secret of life is overrated sex. It’s costliest luxury sold now a days!
  7. Ultimately we all are alone. Buddha was correct.
  8. Mind is like a drunken monkey. It is never still and satisfied. You name me anything and after getting that, in a week mind wants more!
  9. Ultimate happiness of life lies in small things.

via What are some undeniable facts about life?


Hemant Pandey
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