1. Nothing out pars feelings of true love. Love is more intoxicating than all other substances combined.
  2. Nothing is permanent. Neither happiness nor sadness. Bad times never last so the good times. ‘This too shall pass’ is the strongest statement for any body’s life.
  3. Money is a dire necessity of modern life.It is like oxygen of our era. Do what you love but only after securing a basic cushion for your life.
  4. Life is too big. If you think life ends at thirty (end of prime youth), let me correct you, for some it begins at forty.
  5. Life changes slowly.
    1. You do not get old in one moment.It is a journey.
    2. You do not die suddenly (Barring accidents). It takes a lot of time to die.
    3. No one can love or unlove you in a moment. We break up in minutes but to take all baggage away it may take weeks or months. Always give a second chance to love.It is quite difficult to find true love.
    4. Always share things. We all are here for very short while. None of us (most of us) are going to see next century.

What habits should I follow to have a better life?


Hemant Pandey
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