Worst part of my culture is hypocrisy and selective treatment of issues.

  • Doing love marriage or having relationships are still seriously frowned upon. Even kids of highly educated parents/high society tend not to share their love secrets. We view every love story as ‘lust story’.
  • If my friends daughter wants to marry her love, my advice shall be exact opposite of what I will give to my daughter in my case. (Just an example. My kids are free to fall in love as well as fail in love).
  • We are infinitely selective and selfish in many social issues. Whatever doesn’t concern me has an ideal solution like public waste management, bribery given to officials, more taxes on riches and low taxes on poor and hundreds of similar issues. But when ball is in our own court, we are in ‘its okay’ frame of mind and ‘only if I stop eating non-veg whole world will not stop eating animals’ like attitude. We have perfect excuses for our misdeeds.

Human nature is also dual as matter. In India it is experimentally proved also.

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Hemant Pandey
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