You are not in a relationship of love but of convenience. I don’t know how kids now a days perceive love, but what they call boy friend and girlfriend is just a Instagram tag!

  • There is social pressure on every body starting class 8, to have a boy/girl friend. Your social status is often judged by your relationship status. In our times also this kind of pressure was there but today it’s just do or die!
  • Your worth is calculated by your so called lover. For boys , its hot girl friend and for girls its either a hunk or number of valentine’s proposals!
  • This is NOT love but just a media hype and physical need (Some times little emotional).

Love is completeness and NOT a need. If I love some one, then it is constant. My mood may change, I may find other girls attractive (Biological ), but no one can take that spot in my heart!. One heart one mind one love.Till then it is just social agreement, need, physics of body and chemistry of down time moments of mind. Test this your self. If you love any one, then she must be in the back ground score all the time.You must find her face in every other face!. Else boy, you are just passing time.

  • I ‘m NOT against these casual relationships or any other type (FWB) or whatever you may define but your partner(s) must be aware of this from the beginning. The goals and the rules of relationships must be clear from start.
  • When you will really love some one, you will never ask such question. These sexy songs and sexy idols have corrupted our mind. We can’t go beyond body let alone mind and forget the soul. Again I do not condemn sex. But sex out of love is as such that just a kiss will make you orgasmic (proven scientifically). Sex is also placed as a taboo in society. Sex is NOT what boys and girls do in the bushes in the parks!. That is lust. Sex is some thing unplanned, more natural just like love, it happens. Its a process of spiritual union. You forget yourself completely , forget space, forget time, then it happens. This is what is described by Osho in ‘Sex to subconsciousness’ (And often misinterpreted).
  • My friend , you may choose any one or both of them out of lust, but let me make this clear, you love none. Your self doubt is a valid proof. If you doubt yourself even for a second, then your love is only at the attraction+ some kisses+some hugs+some social pressure stage.

PS : I had quite a few relationships and was never failed. Why ? Because I never chased love. I always did my part well and let the other person go any where they like. If my love is strong and real , she can’t go any where and if it is not that strong then, as Osho says “Who cares ? “

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Hemant Pandey
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