You can make him fall in love with certain seduction methods. But it is not worth it. Let me explain.

  • You will create a pseudo personality for that. With certain seduction techniques, eventually he will fall for you. Seduction means not being real you but playing games. Its a thrill in the beginning but later useless if you really love him. He will stop loving you the moment you return to your normal self!
  • Methods of seduction are employed by spies to gain useful information. If you want to use him as sex slave or a fatty wallet, you can try, else not at all worth doing.
  • But if you really like someone and think that he is your type and you are not able to surpass the conscious mind or evolutionary gate keeper, then certain methods are useful.
    • Be a bit different. If no one talks to him, go and talk to him. But if he is a rock star, ignore him for a while, give him much lesser importance than every one else.
    • Make him believe that you really love him. Alluring glances, blush in front of him, teasing looks, emotional gestures and looks. For example if he talks any one else in front of you , feel jealous and go away from that place. He must feel that you love him.
    • The trick which works with most of the guys is that if they know that you really love them, they start to drift towards you.

Bottom line : Love him but don’t crave for him.

Give him space to fall. (Remember we fall in love).