Female attraction

  1. Females are attracted to quality male, unconsciously. They have no control over it.
  2. Girls are emotional and often progress much slowly in relationship. Being pragmatic is their inherent evolutionary quality.
  3. Women are color blind to personality. This means they can never love what you are but who you are. This is also an unconscious uncontrollable behavior. It inbuilt in them.
  4. Men are polygamous (Multiple research points out at this). Read this article for more understanding.http://puerarchy.com/wp-content/…. Women are monogamous but hypergamous too.They will unconsciously drift towards Alpha man.
  5. Emotional state of any woman is defined as her current state of mind and has nothing to do with her personality. mood swings never make or break any woman but make or break lot of relationships.
  6. Man is 90% out and 10% in, as far as thoughts are considered. Women are reverse.If she is talking to you means she has 90% more material to attack you. Be prepared buddy!
  7. Men are result oriented but women are detail oriented.
  8. For disposition of sexual prowess and interest, the same 90% to 10% rule applies. But this time in reverse. Women watch a lot of porn (I mean a lot). Your girl friend may play ‘I am innocent’ in front of you but she know more detailed positions than you can ever imagine. Don’t forget to fill in the blanks with non human positions!
  9. The chances to get a yes decreases if more time has passed and you have yet not garnered courage to express. Girls have deep insecurity about them selves deep down and any more flakiness shall make her more nervous and doubt your love.
  10. Girls are 90%non verbal. You kiss them in the moment and not by asking their permission. This is greatest turn off for them, when a guy asks for permission to kiss. You know you steal a kiss!

Secret to modern women’s heart