Yes he not only takes you for granted but also is complacent about you.

This problem arises as soon as you say ‘yes’! But why ?

Because you girls also play a lot to say that ‘yes’. He loves you, you love him but still you treat him like a beggar.If girls stop showing unnecessary tantrums in the beginning, this problem would be solved! (Now don’t say that you are not of that type!).

Solution : Now he knows that you are ‘hers’, so you have to follow him for a while.But at times be a bit distant. Suppose you call him every day, don’t call one day. See his reactions. Does he care.If no, then repeat a few times and then shut off completely. If call this ‘Forceful ego self hurt’. Hurt your ego by following him, by proving your love to him to the extent you have your ego hurt in real sense.

Now apply self closure. Tell him that he doesn’t care for you. Tell him many other things. Once he is aware that your ego is hurt, he will fall back. As soon as he becomes normal, stop playing and become normal. Again he will repeat his mistake. But soon he will realize that you also know how to play and hence he will stop playing the ‘taken but for granted game.’