Journey do come to an end, but true love does not.

There are phases in love. In second phase when you meet your love, thrill is replaced by compassion,understanding and trust. Love is there but the form changes. Now you don’t feel jealous when she talks to other guys. You have a solace in your heart that she is totally yours.

A sense of responsibility comes. You start to think beyond hugs and kisses.You want to give only and expectations come to an end. You stop complaining. Your understanding deepens to another level.You get an inner peace and whole world looks easy to you.

Love transforms but never ends.

Love distracts in the beginning, but motivates in the end.

Two people merge in their consciousness to become one.Attachment grows to become complete surrender.All excuses become lame. Ego, manipulation,games, all vanish. You connect without words. All this does happen but only after that ‘lovebirds’ phase completed.

Whatever energy love drained in the beginning, it nourishes 100 times back if it reaches its pinnacle.

Love is the greatest refreshment.    Voltaire