Let me explain. you were not attached to him but to his ‘capabilities’. You had the idea that he is the solution to your every problem.

  • Every break up is emotional. But analyze it. What you loved ? you loved things which you cannot do , while he could! He was your tool.
  • Do some physical work.Start tomorrow morning, may be just by walking.In one week , just work out of an hour a day will get you rid of 90% of your problems.
  • Write every thing out, in a diary.If you think he might return,keep the diary else burn it.Mind will fool itself that all thoughts went out and got destroyed by burning.(This is a known method in Graphology).
  • Destroy all his belongings, pictures, messages etc. In three days you mind will shift gears.

Just start from your mobile on the table. Start with whats app chat messages which you still read at night!