1. Men are not complex. They are utterly simple in their causes and effects. Essentially, all men want only one thing from women! Jokes aside, men are not very conversant with rules of social hacks and etiquettes as women are.
  2. We don’t have dual mode. Our best friend is bc in front of us and at our back. We don’t have love on the face and bitching on the back.
  3. Men are straightforward. They love you. They will head up straight and tell it to you. They don’t know how to play hide and seek mind games intuitively like women. Yes eventually they learn everything.
  4. Men have bro code. They don’t steal girlfriends of besties. Women are known to snatch boyfriends of besties.
  5. Men are not entitled for anything. You are a woman, decent looking or young, you have social value (because of sex). Men do not have any such default social value. Apart from having a dick, what else you have to offer counts a lot. For us the counting starts from zero while for women it starts from 1.
  6. Since men have perceived value tied to their social image and money, they have very long shelf life as far as love, dating and relationships are concerned. On the contrary women have their social value tied to their looks, youth and vigor. Once women reach certain age, no amount of money or talent can restore their lost social value. Indeed in real social world, men age like wine and women age like milk.

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