There are many ways to experience god.

  • Meditation (Dhyan)
  • Prayer (Bhakti)
  • Sex (Tantric or spiritual sex)
  • Love (Soulmates)
  • Super consciousness (Samadhi)
  • Witnessing or Observer Method (Drishta)

Easiest is through love but also the toughest. If you truly love someone (Usually your soulmate), there comes point when he or she is in your mind 24 hours as a back ground score. The music of love is there always as a assurance but never distracts you from your work or your thought process. If it becomes a distraction, then it might be half baked, one sided, unrequited,infatuation,unconfirmed etc.

Slowly after some more time, two become one and your individual self vanishes. You are not present there and neither is your lover. Only love remains. At that point you see that your self is just an illusion created by society and material world. You are never there but you make a self in your mind.

In that moment of realization all your worries are gone, anxiety are axed and you find your true self.

PS : Enlightenment doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy movies or don’t love good food or sex. It only means the you know that all the noise around is fake. Only a true bliss is real. Once you taste that nectar, you will never love any thing else. You are always orgasmic (Its true in mental sense).

PS2 : To get your soulmate is extremely difficult but to hold them is damn easy. No efforts required.

Love is not getting any one but losing your self.